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New to mapping: Questions

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by TheSpy, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. TheSpy

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    Hey, i love mapping, im actualy pretty good at some stuff (Inside stuff and designing) aaand im bad at some stuff (Outside areas , interior design).

    and i have actualy got here... *picks up a long list* a pretty small amount of mapping questions.

    .1 ladders: Ladders are a bad idea (or so i am told)but most of my maps need some... is it a horrible choice?

    .2 skyboxes/non-reachable areas: i know how to make skyboxes and so far it works.. BUT! in some of my maps i need a invisible wall that leads into nothing, so far all i know is a skybox BUT! i cant skybox a area inside my skybox ( that = fails). What shold i do?:blink:

    .3 Custom stuff: This is most of my wishes, i have a kewl pack just waiting for me to DL but i dont know how to insert it in my HAMMER. (INSERT A NSWER PLEASE)

    .4 the orange model: I love the orange model (Like in CP_ORANGE) but i cant find it, i kinda need it... you see i would love to use it in my map and when im finished, add actual textures to it.

    .5 Breakable walls: i seriously would LOVE to have a brakeable wall / window in my map.

    .6 a partner!: i would like a partner, i LOVE drawing stuff up; maps GMOD contraptions ETC ETC and i would love someone to help me with that...

    Well, thats all i need to know, reply hopefully likke this

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    (Take the BLABLABLA for random answer)


  2. Bockagon

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    1. ladders do not flow well in tf2, i would suggest figuring out some way to make a ramp or staircase or something instead.

    2. It sounds like you just need an invisible wall to keep players where you want them. For that you should use the playerclip texture. It's a special texture that will restrict players from passing it but still allow grenades/rockets/etc to make for a more realistic sky affect. This is one of a group of "tool textures." It's good to know where and when to use them. A list of tool textures and what they do can be found here :

    5. this should be what you want, I've never used it myself though so idk.

    That's all i've got. For the other things google is usually helpful or you can wait for someone ho knows about that stuff to stumble across this thread. Good Luck
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  3. BagOfChips

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    This is a great section for Q 2, 3, : [ame=""]Mapping Tutorials & Resources - Forums[/ame]

    lots of good tuts

    Oh, and for the orange texture, search dev in the texture browser. ( sorry for telling him guys)
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  4. bomc

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    1: No ladders. Try to use ramps or stairs instead.

    2: I dont fully understand the question... if you want a invinsible wall you can use tools/toolsplayerclip or tools/toolinvinsible

    3: What kind of pack? Put it in the right folder and you should be good

    4: I dont fully understand this either... the textures used in cp_orange are called dev textures. Type "dev" under "filter" in the texture browser and they will show up.

    5: theyre called func_breakable

    6: Well, i cant help you there :(

    Feel free to visit the steam group chat if you have any more questions

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  5. Beamos

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    My, my! Hehe, lots of questions alright! ;)

    The thing about ladders is,there's no native ladder function for TF2, last I checked, so most ladders you make will be very *un-TF2.* Moreover, if you were to make a ladder using a workaround (a brush that's 16 up, 1 over stacked next to eachother, like an exaggerated staircase), it can be rather tricky to scale it. Depending on the dimensions you use, a lot of players might try to climb it, only to fall off the ladder while climbing it, so it poses gameplay problems.

    "leads into nothing"? I'm sorry, I don't fully understand the question. If you mean fades into blackness, there're some possibilities from another thread. [ame=]Just look for a thread on making an abyss on this site.[/ame]

    Where you place it depends on what kind of pack it is :) If it's a texture pack, you want to place it in your /steam/steamapps/<ACCOUNT NAME>/team fortress 2/tf/materials folder, fixing up the path as needed, for instance.

    Look in the texture browser for "dev". Those orange and gray textures are dev textures. As for using dev textures for your finished version, I don't know how attractive that will be to the average player. A lot of people find orange maps to be ugly and unattractive. An immediate turn off, if you will. But that's just in my experience.


    Hahaha, I can't help you with this one! Sorry :)
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