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    * Installation instructions: *
    * Unzip the .bsp into the tf/maps directory *

    Payload Zig

    Change log for beta 8

    *Reduced filesize by 70 MB (hooray!)
    *Added solutions to choke points (after CP A and before CP C)

    Change log for beta 7

    *Complete revision of the environment lighting (looks better imo).
    *Complete revision of lights.rad to remove team identity confusion in colored areas (blu players now appear blue in the red areas and vice-versa!).
    *More skybox detail
    *Complete revision of lightmap scale on ALL surfaces (optimization).
    *Added more time to each control point (balance)
    *Reworked mission briefing screen
    *Added a new 'view' area outside of the alternate path to D.
    *Added fog and skybox fog
    *corrected the shadow_control control.
    *Added another staircase to the last point for easier access to red spawn.

    Change log for beta 5 closed, beta 5a and beta 6:

    *Inclusion of 3-D skybox!
    *Moved red spawn back into the crystal cave (balance).
    *Reconfigured respawn wave times for each time and control point (balance).
    *Added alternate route to D.
    *Sectioning of 'outside' areas for fps improvements (previously was one big box! O:).
    *Added section specific 'crates' for cover.
    *More dectional arrows so players are even less likely to be lost.
    *Changed all doors to 'glass' doors, brush based func_doors that fit the style of the map more appropriately than the tf2 models.

    Change log for beta 4:

    *Slightly reduced red respawn time for cap A (balance)
    *COMPLETE REVISION of the cave section (BRAND NEW), now twice as wide and tall, with better features and lighting, as well as better for team balance. See new screenshot
    *Increased the spawn area for purple spawn (exploit fix)
    *Changed spawn areas, purple spawn is now used by both teams, the tunnel from red spawn to cap B is obsolete and has been removed
    *Fixed red and blu spawn orientation issues
    *Fixed displacement issues in the cap C section
    *Added pop-up signs! Players should not get lost now!
    *Added large glass doors that open on captures. Also keeps players from going the wrong direction
    *Reduced # of reflective textures (subtlety, I am working on it...)
    *Fixed "No entry" hand for blu spawn 2/red spawn 1. Should be gone by the time blu owns the spawn
    *Fixed blu spawn 2 ownership issue (no more suicide when changing class)
    *Fixed some texture inconsistencies
    *Added player clipping to ALL metal door frames (smoother for players)
    *Overall "white" lighting added to colored areas to reduce team identity confusion.
    *REDUCED FILESIZE (on request) and I'm working to make it smaller!

    Change log from beta 3:

    *Pushed back Cap B for balancing
    *Solved problem of players getting stuck when riding ontop of the cart in the cavern.
    *More optimization
    *More detail
    *More custom materials
    *Map info

    Change log from beta 2:

    *added player clipping
    *added detail, custom decals, props, stock decals
    *added more areaportals for better optimization
    *pushed back Cap B for better team balance.
    *added 2 side tunnels to the cavern for better balance.


    Map Facts:

    Compile Time: 40 minutes
    Map Size: 52 MB - .bz2 Size: 24 MB
    Custom Textures: 87 Unique Textures (including normal mapping), all developed by myself.
    Build Time: Approx. 1 Month, 4 weeks (December 2008 - January 2008)


    Special thanks to for the contest and encouragement to work my ass off!
    Special thanks to Rad Lionheart for the Zig logo concept.
    Thanks to all the admins and regulars of who waited patiently in line to download each and every beta version of Zig, and then gave positive, useful feedback!

    Play pl_zig on our TF2 Server:

    Thank you!

    Big Rexy/Alex Kreeger