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    This map is a change on the regular payload. In this map both teams are able to push a cart and capture points it passes. These are placed in a cicle with 2 on the blue side, and 2 on the red.
    When a point is captured (not just passing by) the cart becomes under control of the team that captured for 90 seconds. This makes that team the only one being able to push the cart.
    The team that captures all points wins the game.

    Special thanks to rlcrazycat3 (UKCS member), nelsaidi (UKCS member), the UKCS community, Z33W13R and Icarus (for their multicolor payload cart).

    The map is focussed to be playable on both lower and higher playercounts. On higher playercounts the map might become chaotic and alot harder when IR is on (but i try to get the map as friendly as possible for IR also). Further, as the scout update is coming this map also could be suitable since the cart speed can max up when 8 people push it (20units/sec per player), For the scout this means 4.
    The map also is more focussed to support the offensive classes above the defensive ones. This makes it alot harder for engineers and snipers to survive as the fighting happens at allmost any place in the map. However, due to the engineer being unable to leave his buildings that often i allowed teleporters to be built at places spies cant reach.

    In the current state im mostly trying to make the map more friendly to scouts (the update however might fix their problem), soldiers (there is barely rocket jumping areas but they should at least be the strongest of these 4), spies (due to a low route count pyros are a big problem) and engineers (barely safe building spots). But first i need to find out how the allways open routes work
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