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    Version Beta6 of pl_cave

    This is the 3 stage payload version of my cave map.
    Blu have to escort a bomb deep into the red base

    Known problems
    While i've pack a custom particle explosion in the bsp, The source engine does not yet support this yet. So you can't see the explosion (unless you unpack it yourself, and modify your particle_manifest.txt)

    The skybox fog is a bit ugly, have to tweak the values to make it fit nicely with the map.

    Version History
    Version b6
    - Added fog to map
    - Fixed up lights

    Stage 2
    - Modified ramp at start of stage 2
    - Added ramp for red at end of stage 2
    - Added resupply room for red
    - Improved some sentries positions

    Stage 3
    - Extended end of stage 3
    - Modified the above ground path, providing more cover

    Version b4
    - Added lights and detail

    Stage 1
    - Added an alternative route for Blu once the midpoint has been capped.

    Stage 2
    - Redone stage 2, adding a building and increased the length of the track.
    - Added another midpoint cp
    - Added a ramp to the top level in the first room.

    Stage 3
    - Added an alternative path for the cart, upon the start of stage 3, it will chose between the orginal path, or the new one.
    - Added a one way door to the center building to prevent Blu players directly attacking the red spawn.

    Version b2
    - Release



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    middle and bottom pic, CHANGE THAT BLOODY GOLDRUSH WALL!!!! This is the third map I've seen it in since goldrush's release and its not even a good wall in goldrush never mind the lower quality clones everyone else has done.
    Other than that, looking reasonably good, need a few more props though.
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    Now that I know what you mean, I agree, they are a bit boring and unoriginal.

    Think of it as a placeholder wall, until I replace it with something else.