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New Submission: jump_hobo2

Discussion in 'Maps' started by bob+M|M+, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Jump_hobo2 is a revolutionary skill map that introduces an eruption of brand new challenging jumps. New techniques include the "pogo" and "wall hopping" which are infinite jump tactics that I have personally invented and incorporated into the map with auto-heal and auto-restock. This map also includes mid-air sticky jumps, "juggling," "ramp sliding," mid-air priming, and many other advanced techniques. This map is not recommended for beginner or intermediate players.

    I proudly present to you, jump_hobo2

    Good Luck

    Special thanks to NoZ GeNoCide aka UberSaint via jump5, a very talented mapper.

    Thank you to the community, especially Pseudo, for their aid with my troubleshooting needs, and helping me to improve my mapping knowledge. This is my third map.

    -2hr 30min time limit on the map
    -Both Red and Blue team are available, but this map is intended for Blue only.
    -Red and Blue share the same course. Players must be aware that the goal is not to kill the opposing team, but instead to mutually or individually complete the course.
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