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New Submission: jump_battle

Discussion in 'Maps' started by bob+M|M+, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Yep, another gimmick jump map!

    Your team must both capture the battle arena and complete the jump course to win the game! Finish the race as fast as you can before the other side reaches it, or secure the arena cap point for your team!

    The Jump Course:

    20+ fun soldier/demoman jumps that will improve your skill no matter whether it's your first time jumping, or if you're a seasoned regular. Get faster and better each time you play until you can start doing multiple jumps at once!

    Have fun!

    notes: Just like the difficulty, the design is simple and straight forward. My primary objective in making this map was to make a jump map that everyone could enjoy, both beginner and advanced, both good internet/computer and bad internet/computer, while improving the skill level of the public with the most effective jump course possible.

    Special Thanks to MangyCarface for use of custom lava texture.

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    Ehm, i'm not sure if i played your newest, because i downloaded it, but it uses about 3 textures, No lava anywhere, and the jumps, well they didn't rise in difficulty, easy>Insanly hard>normal....
    I <3 jumpmaps, but i think i had the wrong version orso, because this one is totaly not your style.
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