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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Monte H, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I created this map because I love the map 'dm_store' sooo freakin much, but there's alot of flaws and glitches that go with it, and no one hosts his newer version (hopefully someone hosts this though). So I created 'dm_warehouse' to be similar to his design, and I give him much of the credit for it. I just eliminated the spawn-camping, being able to get into the opposite teams sniper bay, etc, etc.

    This is my first map release, I have alot of scraped projects that were to big for me to handle (start the map, got bored, did something else), so I decided to make a map that wouldnt take me more than a few hours or so to complete.

    I looked and looked for the creator of dm_store, I tried like the dickens to get ahold of him, but I couldn't, please understand that I'm not trying to copy his map or whatever... I give him full credit for the 'layout' or 'theme' of the map.