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    Tagged and Ad Remixxed

    About Map
    Both the BLU and RED's intelligences was fallen from a plane heading towards Steel. It seems like it landed in a strange area, that was once owned by City 17.
    For marketers, promoters to gain profit for their goods and services. Also this area was once owned by the City 17 Crimison Guards who reshaped the area as
    a hideout/base for their illegal goods. The City 17 Crimison Guards seem to abandon this area about in 1962 for reasons that can't be explained. After the
    area was abandon from both City 17 officials and Crimison Guards, street gangs happen to find it when City 17 was growing and expanding. The Crimison Guards,
    City 17 officials, and the street gangs never knew that the BLU and RED intelligence was in that area. The street gangs disapeared suddenly in the year of
    1966, and the BLU and RED companies finally caught up with their intelligence in this area.

    It's up to you, the player to choose are you with the BLU or the Red. You must chose either to defend your intelligence, or rush and get the enemies
    intelligence until the time runs out!

    I've gotten lots of feedback from you guys on my original design, it wasn't balanced and it was too small. I've read lots of tutorials on how to build CTF maps, and finally I'd gotten this "remixxed" version of this map finished and tested. Please continue to give me feedback, you guys are my inspiration and please know that this is my first time mapping. God Bless.