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New Submission: ctf_spacebase_b1

Discussion in 'Maps' started by meatpopsicle, Sep 24, 2008.

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    ctf_spacebase BETA 1

    Gametype: CTF
    Players: 16-32
    Author: Carl "meatpopsicle" Kidwell
    Contributors: n/a

    Map description

    A Custom textured CTF map for TF2 based in a science fiction setting of a space station or space base if you will. New props are also included.
    Revision History (DD/MM/YY)

    Beta 1 released 9/23/08:-

    * This is first beta release; change log will proceed from here as subsequent beta's are released.

    Known Issues

    * Skybox looks abnormal if your display resolution doesn't match its aspect ratio, this is particularly bad on this skybox compared to traditional daytime skyboxes.
    * Texture map on the spaceship is temp.
    * Textures are not set up well for HDR lighting - many of the saturation levels display very poorly with HDR on. I will see if I can tweak this however; its recomended to play this map with HDR OFF (video settings > advanced)
    *The reaction chamber in the engineering room has a temp enclosure and needs some particle effects or other work to complete. This item might be turned into a prop if time permits.

    Beta Testing Requests

    Feedback is welcome in any area but particularly looking for:
    1) Class based feedback. ie Engineers are too OP due to tunnel lenght in area X, etc.
    2) General game play flow feedback, bottlenecks etc.
    3) Power ups feedback (health & ammo kits).
    4) Any bug reports are top priority.
    5) Performance (particularly poor performance) it ran over 200fps on my machine in all areas, so if theres bad areas I need to know where they are please.

    Thanks community and the Team Fortress 2 Mappers community on Steam.

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