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New Submission: ctf_face

Discussion in 'Maps' started by shinokorosha, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Gentlemen, Behold! The Final Version of Facing_Worlds is here.

    Let's do an update check list:

    1: Made the map a whole lot smaller!

    2: Added underground tunnels, allowing players to avoid snipers.

    3: Added more rocks for cover.

    4: Added some shacks for additional cover.

    5: Re-did the surface, modified the lighting so the HDR was more ambient and less super bright.

    6: Round timer set to 25 minutes and 5 seconds (since you wait 5 seconds before you start moving)

    7: If you honestly cant capture the flag 3 times in 25 music starts playing (it's had that).

    8: Got rid of those darn meteors. They were ugly I know. I kept 2, though, just for kicks.

    9: SKYBOX OF AWESOME. Not made by me but still... FREAKING AWESOME. And I got it from here.

    10: Tweaks, tweaks tweaks.

    11: More than 1 way to leave the spawn room.

    12: More than 1 way to enter the flag cap zone.

    13: All materials packed into the BSP including the awesome skybox.

    That's all, folks. I hope this addresses the problems people had with earlier versions. Good day!

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    I like the space theme and the skybox, but it's so square. Did you use any displacements at all? The ground outside the base needs so much more work in my opinion.
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