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    In bz2 format this time! :O

    Custom Team Fortress 2 Map
    Vulture (cp_vulture_a4)
    Alpha version 4 (Playtest version)
    Made by Fredrik "MrMuffinMan" Johannessen

    Vulture is a Control Points map in the style of Valve's Dustbowl map. There are
    three stages, and in all of them, BLU has to capture RED's two Control Points.
    Winning one round means a score for BLU and the game advances to the next
    round. If RED manages to defend for an entire round or if BLU wins all three,
    the teams switch.

    Programs used: Source SDK (Hammer Editor) and Pakrat


    Released version a4
    - Some detailing here and there, including more displacements.
    - Fixed issue where the door leading from RED's spawn in stage 3 to the first
    point, would not close after it was captured.
    - Added a new sentry position to point 1-2 as well as a new path for RED to give
    them a better height advantage.
    - Moved a few spectator cameras that were at bad angles.
    - Closed off an entry to point 2-2, making players do a short detour in order to
    nerf snipers.
    - Added a small shack to 2-2 by the point, for a good sentry position.
    - Made Engineers unable to build in a specifiC location on the cliffs by point
    - Added a skybox. Lazy Gold Rush copy for now...

    Released version a3
    - Improved detailing in spawns of stage 1.
    - Added some displacements to stage 1 and the first half of stage 2.
    - Added a slope in stage 1 to improve movement fluency.
    - Moved some health and ammo that didn't make sense with the new layout for the
    first area.
    - Added a few signs.
    - Changed the score system to give BLU 1 point per capture, not for a full win.
    - Corrected some textures in stage 2.

    Released version a2
    - Stage 1
    - Added water to the bottom of the pit by the first point.
    - Added lots of cover to the the first area.
    - Added a new building near the bridge in the first area.
    - Completely redesigned the first capture area.
    - Changed location of RED's spawn door to be slightly closer to the point.
    - Added a small room and a sentry position near the second point.
    - Stage 2
    - Slightly streamlined movement from BLU spawn to point 1.
    - Removed a big chokepoint between point 1 and point 2.
    - Removed an unnecessary health + ammo couple.
    - Changed BLU's "safe room" (the room with the one-way door) slightly.
    - Gave BLU easy access to the rooftop by point 2.
    - Gave RED access to BLU's setup room (not spawn) after setup is over.
    - Fixed a bug with players being able to enter stage 3 directly after stage 2
    is won by BLU, but before the next round actually starts.
    -Stage 3
    - Gave RED access to BLU's setup room (not spawn) after setup is over.
    - Minor changes to the area outside the first point.
    - RED's upper spawn door is no longer closed after first cap
    - General
    - Increased size of most doorways.
    - Decreased size of all stair steps from 1:1 to 1:2.
    - Increased fog distance (fog is less intense).
    - Decreased RED's spawn time.

    Released version a1c.
    - Added a sign to make it easier to see Control Point 3-1.
    - Fixed a problem where setup gates for stages 1 and 2 did not open at all.
    - Changed ground texture to make it easier on the eyes.

    Released version a1b.
    - Fixed an issue where RED could not win.

    Released version a1a.
    - Collisions for a door in RED's second spawn are corrected (Previously,
    collisions were on even when the door was disabled).
    - Outputs from a tonemap_global entity were accidentally added, now removed.

    Released version a1.

    - You can get stuck on fences by BLU's second and third spawns.
    - Signs that are supposed to disappear stick out of the ground afterwards.
    - Area 1-1 needs to be vastly improved.
    - The roof in 2-2 goes unused very often.
    - There is no resupply locker in RED's final spawn. Sorry, I've completely
    overlooked this!

    You can contact me at

    If you would like to provide feedback, send an e-mail to that address or go to and look for my WIP thread or my blog. I appreciate all feedback.
    (I'm registered as MrMuffinMan on said site)

    If you would like to host this map on your server, please do so! Since it's
    currently a test map, I'd be very happy to know how I can possibly get any
    feedback from your hosting, or the IP address for your server, so I can see for
    myself how people like it. Thank you in advance for any cooperation.

    Thanks a lot to...

    - The community, all its members and its server
    - "Youme" for red and blue developer textures
    - "Nineaxis" for poster overlays
    - "Oxy" for the ambulance model
    - The creators of VMEX and Pakrat
    - Everyone who has helped testing, including all server owners and playtest
    arrangers (Sorry, the list is getting too long to include all of you!)
    - Valve