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    Beta 7 Release

    Author: John "hydrage" Pafford
    File: cp_ironbowl_b7.bsp (all custom resources are embedded)

    This is the seventh beta release for Ironbowl. This is a multi-stage attack/defend control point map. However, there is no forced respawn between stages; instead, a series of "LaserGates" will open up allowing access to the next stage. The defending team (Red) has 60 seconds of setup time at the beginning of the game, and 40 seconds of setup time between stages.

    For more detailed information, see the Developer Notes for previous beta releases.

    Change Log (since Beta 6)

    1 - Opened up several cramped areas and widened up several corridors.
    2 - LaserGates are no longer instantly fatal. They will still cause serious harm.
    3 - Added new func_respawnroomvisualizers to the lasergates. These feature skulls and arrows.
    4 - Added additional roof cover over the "small b" control point.
    5 - Elevated the platform for the "Big B" control point. Modified the surrounding area to accommodate.
    6 - Modified the passageways near the "small c" control point to give BLU more options to assault stage 3.
    7 - Modified the one-way gate area behind the "Big C" control point to block RED's access from respawn.
    8 - Increased RED's respawn wave time for the final "Big C" control point so that it is now 9-18 seconds.
    9 - Added a few gates which, once opened, provide better flow to later stages of the map. These are opened up when BLU captures the previous respective control points.
    10 - Modified a couple of passageways near the RED respawn rooms to provide an easier retreat for RED between stages.
    11 - Reduced the amount of time added to the clock when BLU captures a "Big" control point. Modified the max clock time to scale up as the map progresses, so that BLU cannot gain excessive time by steamrolling through the earliest control points but can still incrementally earn enough time for adequate exposure to the later control points.
    12 - Fixed RED being able to enter a former respawn room after they have lost the relevant stage. However, if RED players remain in the respawn room, the door will stay open until they depart.
    13 - Slightly modified the distribution of ammopacks and healthkits throughout the map.
    14 - Numerous slight and undocumented changes.

    15 - Added a spark effect when attempting to enter an enemy LaserGate.
    16 - Improved the "LaserShow" countdown between stages.
    17 - Added some pretty pictures to illustrate the effects of the enemy LaserGates, so that even the Heavy will understand.
    18 - Added crossbraces to the various windows and glass panels to better indicate their presence.

    Known Issues:
    - The NoBuild zones at each of the LaserGates, although specified to only prevent the enemy team from building, will affect both teams. Also, these zones will not disable when Disabled, preventing Engineers from building within the otherwise unobstructed doorway.

    - Playtesting Credits are located in the easter egg.

    Please send any feedback to me at the provided email address. Let me know of any glitches, exploits, imbalances, misaligned textures, unclipped geometry or props, catastrophic failings, negligible foibles, or anything else that you think could be improved.

    Scheduled for Beta 8:
    - improved visual aesthetics
    - improved performance optimization
    - fixes for any issues that are sent to me ( send them to me!)

    ©2009 John "hydrage" Pafford
    All Rights Reserved