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Discussion in 'Maps' started by frenziedlather, Jul 31, 2008.

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    This is my first map - fairly unique.

    I'd appreciate any comments, questions, etc.

    The map is a 4 point attack (BLU) / defend (RED) style map. There's a lot of open space, so snipers should have a good time, but there also close quarter areas to keep things interesting. Spys will enjoy to multple routes around most points.

    I've provided a teleport from RED's spawn to point A that's only active during setup. You can't miss it on the way out of the spawn. It comes in real handy, as the map is a little on the large size, although a Heavy can make it from spawn to spawn in about 60 seconds.

    A progressive spawn room for BLU is activated after capturing B. From that room you hvae quick access to C and D.

    A word of caution, there is a water filled room that connects areas around CP B, C, D - try not to fall it, it'll kill you in about 3 seconds.

    Thanks for trying it out. Feed back is appreciated.