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New Submission: arena_phobos_base1

Discussion in 'Maps' started by shinokorosha, Aug 27, 2008.

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    This map is designed to be very small file-size wise so it can be downloaded quickly and enjoyed as a part of a standard custom map or arena server.

    This is part 1 of a series of maps which I may combine into a single arena if there was some way to have the modular parts shift each round. Essentially I wanted to have a nice square arena with players spawning in rooms and then heading into teleporters to enter the arena.

    This map was designed as a fully optimized blank slate, first, then I added the arena parts.

    This particular map's theme is a base on Mars' moon (it was originally going to be on Mars but the skybox didn't look that great).

    This makes this arena map special because you have no way of knowing where you might end up.
    If you do not enter a teleporter after the round starts a timer will tick down and "push" you in to a teleporter once it reaches the end. This timer is visible as a "loading" bar which scrolls from one side to another. The teleporters are ALWAYS random. You will not end up teleporting to the same location as a member of the enemy team, however.

    If you want to team up against your opponents and avoid being singled out you will have to find your other team mates and join them while also avoiding being seen by the enemy. This adds a new challenge to the usual form of combat in Arena maps.

    Some notes you should pay attention to:

    To install, put it in your TF2 maps folder.

    The skybox is included in the BSP so no need to worry about installing that.
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