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Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by worMatty, Jun 18, 2015.

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    Heyo, folks.

    I find the current TF2maps forum skin a bit uncomfortable to use, on my 2560x1440 monitor (in Windows). The text is a bit too small, for me. I could zoom in, but I like having my web browser occupying one half of my screen, while I can use the other half for things like Steam chat, mIRC, etc.

    Are you working on any new forum styles? Or could you consider offering alternatives? If you like, I have worked on vBulletin styles, before, and could help you out.

    EDIT: Or perhaps you could consider increasing font sizes a bit on the existing theme.

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    This sounds like a case of resolution size outgrowing the forum. There's definitely the ability to implement alternate styles, but it becomes difficult to maintain them all when changing other aspects of the site. It's not as simple as grabbing other vBulletin themes either, because we've got some custom stuff (like the map showcase and workshop forums, which I believe are adapted from plugins or something). Each theme would have to be individually customized to support stuff like that.

    I'm not staff anymore so I can't say yes or no or offer any insight into the future on alternate themes. But, I know Chrome remembers the zoom level of individual websites--you could just leave TF2M at 125% or 150% or whatever is comfortable if no other solution can be put in place. I don't know if other browsers do that, but they probably do.