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New mapper & his newb questions

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Doctor Paprika, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Doctor Paprika

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    Yes, I'm such a newb that I don't spell "newb" with zeroes.

    I'm a long time TF2 nut but haven't ventured into mapping yet because, until two weeks ago, I wasn't actually able to run any of the software (including the game - only played it on others' accounts and computers). Now, my new laptop is letting me do what I wanted to do since before the Goldrush update.

    I am mainly interested in making 5cp maps, as it is my personal favorite game type and can equally be enjoyed by pubbers and comp players (yep, I am optimistic - or naive - enough to think comp players might like my maps). No offense to anyone on here who does this, but I have very little interest in the "gimmick" maps that seem to be popular, and I'm interested in any advice anyone can give me on how to make my map layouts flow as well as the official maps (except Hydro, which flows like a river of concrete).

    Anyway, here are just a few beginner's questions that I couldn't quite find unambiguous answers to on the resources I've been using (these forums, Valve Dev wiki, etc.). I figured I'd post them here rather than start several threads around the forums:

    1. From a practical perspective, is there a difference between Clip and Player Clip for a TF2 map? There are no "objects" like there are in, say, Half-Life 2, but does Player Clip allow projectiles and/or hitscan through?

    2. Once I compile my map, what, exactly, do I "do"? I have ZERO experience running servers, and the only game I ever made a custom map for before was Gang Garrison 2. I plan on buying a VIP account on here so I can use the TF2Maps servers for alpha and beta testing, but I really don't have any idea how to go about doing it. It seems to be such common knowledge on here that I couldn't really find anyone else asking the same thing.

    3. Is there a sort of standard way of writing release notes? I'm mostly concerned about not giving proper credit to people whose resources I've used (like ABS's Resource Pack and a few custom models).
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    1. Nope. None at all. Bit pink > red.

    2. Use the console. Type "map cp_yourmapname" without the quotes to load it. To share it, go to Program files/Steam/steamapps/<yourusername>/team fortress 2/tf/maps, find your BSP file and upload it with a program such as Dropbox, and share it in a thread here in the maps forum.
    For getting a VIP, just click on one of the many "Remove Advertisements" links, or go into your UCP and find the subscriptions panel, or go here

    3. Not really, there's no standard. Just do it however you like, and give credit always!

    Welcome to TF2maps! I think you will fit in well here, and you seem to already know the welcome!
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