New Map: RJ Rocketeer *pics*

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    Added to the files section, here's a link here as well:

    Here's the game.txt with it, some images after:

    Rocket Jump - Rocketeer
    Author: John "CowNaetion" Petricini
    AIM: CowNaetion

    Version: TF2
    Difficulty: Easy

    This map was originally made for Fortress Forever.
    I converted it to TF2 cause it works as well. If
    you like this, try Fortress Forever at
    It's a free mod that follows after Team Fortress
    Classic (TFC).

    A no 'grenades' map, difficulty ranging from easy
    to a few intermediate jumps at the end. Map is big
    enough to accomodate four players simultaneously
    so there is no waiting in line. Nice aesthetic
    theme kept through the map so it's easy on the
    eyes. Great map for beginners. If this map gets
    enough play, I'll consider making an advanced one
    since there will be interest. Thanks!

    AIM: CowNaetion
    ICQ: 13765693
    Y!: murderball_inc