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    I have just (yesterday) started making a new map that I am, for now, calling cp_snow, it will be a 4 point control point map similar to gravelpit, but all objectives must be taken in order. It will be a snowy textured map with warmer reds making up the colors of the buildings, the buildings themselves resembling warehouses. The map will have an abandoned feel, with plenty of grungy textures and decrepit looking buildings.

    Attached is a very primitive, hand drawn and numbered map that will serve as a basic outline while I clear up the final details over the next couple of days and begin to actually map.

    The numbers indicate points of interest.

    1. A door that opens from a changed spawn point (blue spawn is two floors) after point one is captured.

    2. A small house that, during the first bit, serves as a resupply and rest area for whichever team is currently controlling it.

    3. A pavillion style building with crates and other storage units breaking up the space and providing some cover for offense and defensive players. The roof will be low enough for demomen or soldiers to get on top, but no ammo or health will be up there, ensuring little camping. Two holes into the pavilion ensure that sentry locations must be thought about carefully. This is also where the first spawn point is located.

    4. These locations (I might add a fourth in the center) are towers that a sniper or soldier would climb to get a good advantage over the field. There will be little, if any cover up there, so as to avoid giving the sniper too good of an advantage. The ones closest to blue spawn will be accessable before round start.

    5. A red only entrance gate to cp 1. This gate closes when the first point is taken.

    6. An open area immediately out of blue spawn, an overhang provides some height (I will most likely make overhang smaller) and more containers will break up the flow, allowing pyros and demomen to be very effective.

    7. Control Point building #2, it will only be one floor, but a staircase to an overhang around the inside of the point will be available to sentrys. Two doors and two openings allow for a wide variety of attack options for blu ubers and players.

    8. This will mostly just be a rest building (I am thinking of making it much smaller) and a way up to a covered bridge to the next point. This will function much like the various tunnels in Dustbowl, offering Blu a relatively safe place to build ubers, resupply and gather for a push on the 3rd point.

    9 is the covered bridge that allows one way movement via directional doors, players must be careful not to leave the gated area, because they will not be able to get back in.

    10. The little house in the back will not be the location of the point, but be one of the best place for defenders to wait and engis to build up to protect the point that is right out front. A bridge that only attackers can utilize (#9) will drop into this.

    11. The second to last CP is in a fairly open area, but without enough room for red snipers to dominate. Blue snipers will have an upper hand across the field. There are several good sentry locations including under the bridge, in #10 house and behing #12 house.

    12. This house will function much like 8, but for the final CP instead.

    13. This bridge will act similarly to 9 but will be open, allowing for demomen and soldiers to be able to get up to the roof.

    14. Demomen and soldiers from both teams will have no trouble getting up on this roof, making it a fairly unsafe place to stand. medium health and ammo packs will provide some support, but not enough for either team to dominate the top.

    15. The final control point building will be two stories, with red spawn entering into the second. I have not put much thought to the interior of this space. It will be Red centric though, because it is the final control point and should rightly be very difficult to capture.

    There we have it, architecture and style are going to be inspired by these flickr pictures.

    thoughts, comments, suggestions???
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    update : changed name to cp_shipyard due to lack of snow related props and good snow textures in the SDK.