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    Allright, so as some of you may know I am creating a new custom gamemode for Team Fortress 2, and have made a map for it. Although to be honest that map was just carelessly thrown together just to test the gamemode and how it could be improved.
    But the map lighting was thrown together too and kinda resulted in it being way too bright, but anyways I am now going to move on to making the actual map and have a question to whatever bored mappers might be in this forum.
    Would you like to assist making this gamemode\map?
    It may not be made into an official gamemode like end of the line is, but end of the line technically isn't even going to be made into a gamemode as it is kind of just a CP map with a train, some new hud, and some new lines-- but it is by heart a CP map, and that's not exactly new in my opinion, and I'm sure the creators of the map would agree because its prefixed CP-- but more on the point, my custom gamemode won't be official, but I'd like to put just as much effort as I can into making this gamemode.

    If you haven't seen the original post and don't know exactly what this gamemode is, click here for a post explaining it.
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    I'd love to try it out...