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New File Added: duel_octagon_b1

Discussion in 'Maps' started by BeelZebub, Jan 3, 2008.

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    This is a duel map designed for more than two players on the server. The map supports up to 24 players (2 teams of 12).

    It works as follows:

    Two players start off on opposite sides of the Octagon in a caged off area.
    There is a regen located in ther caged off section.
    All other players wait in line behind a glass barrier.
    After 4 seconds, the competitor's cage doors open, and they can begin fighting.
    If after 30 seconds neither player has died, both players will begin to take periodic damage (this is to prevent a stalemate).
    Once one player has died, the winner will be sent back to his cage and a new opponent will be teleported in to face him.
    If a player wins 2 matches in a row, his regen will be disabled (to prevent a superior player dominating the gameplay).
    There is a scoreboard in the arena to show each team's victories.
    Once a team accumulates 25 duel victories, they win the round.

    This is my first map (hence the rather weak brush work). There are also ~250 entities in this level (only 7 of which are lights) so there is a good chance there is a bug or two. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Could you upload some screenshots for those of us who can not hope on atm but would lvoe to see? =)
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