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    The Smuggler - ctf_smuggler_b2

    Map Information:

    Title: ctf_smuggler_b2
    Version: 0.11.137 - Beta 2
    Created By: Tommy Draughn - Jeebies
    author email:
    Type: CTF
    Compile Date: 3/9/2008

    A Team Fortress 2 Capture the Flag map with a center control point.

    Owning the control point grants your team access to the mining cart train that moves in between the 2 base’s dock. Both side's dock doors are restricted to point owners as well.

    To do:

    - skybox
    - better announcements
    - more detail inside bases
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    wow this is a HUGE difference from the old one that i saw
    idk if it was b1 or still a WIP but you really turned it around
    im impressed and i like the theme
    great job man!