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    Cp_struggle_b4 change log
    + Med/Ammo in lower control point area
    + Player clipped potential snag points to smooth gameplay
    + Fixed some of the prop_static fade distances that were causing some issues that were brought to my attention
    + More protection in the yards for Engies
    + Less line of sight for snipers by extending arched wall
    + Other small details and fixes
    + More optimization

    Struggle_b3 change log
    - Changed last cap time (each team's yard) from 19 seconds to 16 seconds
    - Added displacements and alpha textures to floor
    - Widened some ramps per request
    - Used the correct TF2 Crates
    - Added more lighting in the spawn so snipers cannot hide in there as well
    - Adjusted lighting a bit in the lower tower area
    - Other optimizations (ex: many brushes to func_details)