Need ideas for center control point switch

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    I decided to make the center control point in my map sorta like how powerhouse is set up. That has a control panel that needs to be activated so the other team can unlock the area to capture the flag. I want to use that same method but for the center control point. So.......the teams will fight to gain control of this switch, which will allow that team to capture the center control point. If they don't have control of this switch, they can stand on the center control point all they want but it won't cap for them, unless they gain control of that switch. Make sense? How can I set this up? I already have the 5 cp's set up so all I want to do is make this switch and have it control the center control point (as far as unlocking it, that team would still then need to go stand in the capture zone area for the center point).
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    make two trigger_multiple in front of your switch with filter for red and blu team. If your central capture_area is named center_CP_area :

    On the trigger_center_BLU make the output :
    OnStartTouchAll -> center_CP_area -> SetTeamCanCap 3 1
    (BLU can cap)
    OnStartTouchAll -> center_CP_area -> SetTeamCanCap 2 0
    (Red cannot cap)

    and vice versa for the other trigger

    Don't forget to forbid both red and blu to cap at start of the round

    If you want to change art for the trigger, I suggest you use logic_relays with your trigger_multiple and do there all the stuff need accordingly.
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    Seems like the simplest way would be to make the switch room a control point and the middle point requires ownership of the switch room to capture.
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    I had a similar thought. It sounds like you are making another control point to be able to cap the mid point. In essence if you have a 5 point map with these "switches" on each side, you have a 7 point map. If you have one switch to allow for the middle point to be capped, you are really extending the time it takes to cap the middle point.

    It would be interesting to test a map with this idea though. You would have to "flip the switch" and then protect it for a short time while the mid point is capped. Then you would have to move on to 2 more points. Sounds like it may be better as a 3 point map as most of the action is going to be getting the switch and capping the middle point. The extra two points would add a lot of time to the average round time on the map... maybe that is what you are going for.

    $0.02 :p