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    So I'm trying to make a breakfloor style map, but people have said the game drags on and so I have come up with this idea:

    What I wanted to do was after 3 minutes, each row of block would get destroyed at at the same time, and every 10 seconds the next row of blocks disappears until it gets to the last row of blocks, which are more fragile, and the remaining people fight on this. I also want it to get rid of any other objects, such as ramps that I have at the back of bases at the start of the countdown. I believe I have around 7 rows of blocks in the map.

    I have no clue really how to do this, so can anyone help me?
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    I'm assuming that the floors are all func_breakables name them all by floor (break_floor1, break_floor2, etc)

    Now make a logic_auto and go to its outputs.
    Add an output for each floor you wish to break:
    OnMapSpawn - break_floor1 - break - (delay) 180

    The rest of the floors would just be the same output with different names for the floors and a longer delay.
    OnMapSpawn - break_floor2 - break - 190

    So the second floor breaks after 10 seconds (thats probably a bit short) and then just work from there.

    Optimization note I'd recomend you add closed func_areaportals between the floors so the frame rates are better. Open them when you break a floor. Output would be:
    OnMapSpawn -portal_floor1 - Open - 180

    Hope that helps.