Need help, how creat rocks texures on the ground etc

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    Hi dear tf2 fans , i just started creating a tf2 map because im a big fan of tf2 and i wanna work on my own map =) but im still wondering how to do to creat a ground with rock textures and mountains in my map , like the following exemple maps

    on the picture we can see that the ground is not really straight and there many mountains very high etc i would really like to know how creat this . Sorry if im maybe not to clear im just starting .:rolleyes:
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    I think what you're looking for is a tutorial on how to do displacements, not textures.

    [ame=]Youme's guide to displacement cliffs[/ame] is nicely illustrative of the difference between the two, as well as showing what you can do with displacements. You may also want to view all these videos to get a hang of Hammer, more or less. Just keep in mind it was made for Counterstrike, not TF2, so there's differences in style and elements they don't share- like changing weapons, capture points, and spawn rooms.
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    Yup, there we go, but usually (if you're in the beginning stages of making the map) people just texture it basicly (with what we call "dev textures") and just do the brushwork to make the map playble. I would recommend doing that first before doing too much aesthetic work. Unless of course, the Displacement is gameplay relater (such as, it blocks a sightline)