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    Hey there, hope this is the right place to post this so here goes anyways. Move it if you see fit. :p

    So i've set aside Oversea for now as it was meant only as a school project and the due date still lingers. In the meantime until i turn that assignment in (i've stamped it as "complete" according to the school assignment side of it, so i dont want to work on it then have to make a recompile just to turn in the assignment) i have started a little sketch of a new map, which i digitized because i'm weird and do stuff like that to waste time and feel productive, even if i'm not. So here's my sketches i got 2 floors so far...but as i was sketching the thing just feels way freaking small. Now this was partially intentional, but it feels like its just overly small. Now the sketch is NOT TO SCALE! So don't look at it and be like "oh this room is far too rectangular", "this hallway is stupid long/short". The drawing here is just merely placement and the very, VERY ROUGH size and shape of the rooms. They are 100% prone to change once it starts getting built in hammer. I'm using this as just a basis to get paths viable and over-watch areas (for defense). I'm goin on the 3 CP triangle layout, A-B-C. So in attempt to counter the lack of linear distance between each CP, i tried to path in such a way that utilized the footprint of this building the map will be held in. Fopefully i havn't pathed in a way that seems overly confusing or too biased toward one team. I tried to keep them direct from point to point without having rediculous intersections, but avoiding straight lines also so it's not a straight shot across the building.

    some afterthoughts after exporting these JPG's the room with A, i fully intend to not make that a giant empty room. So expect either that to be broken into multiple rooms, or full of stuff to block a straight shot from blue spawn and a 20 yard dash to the CP. It's gonna be harder than that.

    each CP has 3 entrances, 2 on the first floor, and 1 alternate on the second floor.

    point C is on the second floor, sorta like Stag, is kinda what i had in mind. But open to suggestions on that room. Well any room for that matter.

    both spawn rooms have 3 exits. Blue has 3 spread out over 2 locations. Red has 2 doors on the first floor, 1 door on the 2nd (or 3rd if it goes that high).

    Each CP has 2 floors overlooking it. For defensive purposes. Blu's spawn gates also have a 2 story defense to overcome. Ubers will be needed.

    Hopefully i am including enough space for all classes but i'm open to ANY thoughts on this map to make it fit. I'd rather spend 20 hours redrawing a sketch than 20 hours deleting everything in hammer and rebuilding it cause it isn't working out for any number of reasons you guys can come up with. Don't be modest, i wanna learn what everyone has to say and offer, as that is my biggest chance of making this map work out in the end. I don't expect to get it right the first time :)

    pictures attached, i hope they make sense to you guys. Floor 2 has the first floor faded out so you can hopefully see how they will overlap one another.

    EDIT With the lack in overall size, i could potentially make this an arena map. The layout and size might fight better to that game mode than CP. I'll throw that on the table for consideration, it doesn't have to be CP.
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