MVM mvm_pitfight 2017-07-31

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Quenquent the babysitter

L1: Registered
May 7, 2017
mvm_pitfight - Multi-front mvm map

A not-so-pretty map I made for the Mappers VS. Machine contest. This map is like my old car : not the prettiest, but certainly the best and most unique one in town (and there's that smell of gas when you're in it, and there's a thermonuclear reactor buzzing)

This map include :
  • A normal and Intermediate mission (more will be available in the future)
  • Robots coming not from one, not from two, but from four different paths, at once !
  • A hatch ? A bomb ? What's that for ? It's a control point that you have to defend !
  • A feeling of deja-vu
Will your team manage to cooperate to take care of the army of Gray Mann coming from multiple fronts at once ? Will you manage to split your firepower to prevent the robots from even touching that control point ? Or will you get steamrolled and kick the Pyro because he didn't went Medic, when you already got 3 of these ?

To be honest ? I don't care ! All that matters is that you have fun !