MvM Bot Template Generator - Rebel Metal

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    I've been working on a robot template generator for custom MvM missions and it's reached the point where I'd consider it to be in open beta. Dubbed rebel metal since metal in tf2 normally doesn't shoot back.

    Rebel Metal Beta

    Rebel Metal is an easy to use graphical interface for creating your own robot template files to be used when making custom Mann Vs. Machine missions. Taking the familiar class/slot/item selection from my item naming site tf2tags and applying it towards the creation of robots.

    Code Generated for a "Laser Lobber" soldier

    With Rebel Metal you can easily mass produce your robots, quickly selecting weapons and attributes without having to waste time finding their proper name used internally. Then with a single click, be presented with the text to copy/paste into your mission file to have access to your newly created robot.

    The bot in action

    I'm hoping it will be of interest to some people here.