Multiple Flag Problem Redux - filter solution?

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    Aight guys. I posted on this problem once before and we figured out a sort of solution, but I am hoping for a better one.

    Problem: A player can carry an infinite number of his team's flags. Every time a new flag is picked up the old ones are deleted so that they cannot be capped/returned/dropped.

    This problem makes it difficult to make a multi-flag level. We did come up with a solution, but it didnt allow for dropped flags (essentially flag start points were gaurded by spawnrooms that made you drop the flag.) However I would love to have a return timer if i could...

    Beelzebub from fpsbanana recommended i use a combination of a "filter_activator_name" and a "trigger_multiple" brush parented to the flag that would disable the flag whenever a FlagCarrier (his name having been set by the "filter_activator_name" ran over it. I'll quote him directly:

    So I have attempted to replicate this idea, but have been unsuccesful. I was wondering if one of yall smarter people could try and see if you could get it to work or not. I'll quote myself to show you where i stand...

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