Mistakes I've Made: Learning to Texture

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    A list of mistakes I've made, and the way to avoid making the same mistake.

    Feel free to share your own mistakes.

    1) Not using all TF2 textures
    When choosing a texture, enter "tf" under "Keywords."

    2) Texturing the entire brush / Texturing things that won't be seen
    Texture the entire brush with "No Draw." Then bring up the Texture tool, select your texture and Right-Click to apply that texture to a single face of the brush.

    3) Using "model textures" on brushes. / Why does my floor glow?
    Don't use any textures that start with "model/" or "prop/"

    4) Texturing multiple brushes that make up one wall-face separately.
    When you have more than one brush that make a consistent wall, you can treat them as one face when texturing.

    Clicking on the "Texture" tool will open the "Face Edit Sheet" window. Left click on one brush to select it. Hold Ctrl and to select additional brushes that make up that wall. Click on "Treat as one" in the Face Edit Sheet window and then Right-Click to apply the texture.
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    Great tips for beginners!

    Don't forget to check whether or not you've got "align to world" or "align to face" checked when texturing, it can make a big difference when texturing multiple faces.
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    I did all of those things when I first started :) Do not use the carve tool, except when making cubes or square shapes. Your grid will get smaller the further into the map you are, so start w/ 32 or 64 units.
  4. MangyCarface

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    Actually, if we're going to list hints of all sorts for beginners, I'd add to completely seal your map before added anything off grid 32. Especially nothing involving anything other than right angles. Makes func_detailing 100 times easier.
  5. Pseudo

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    ALT+Rightclick on a face will apply the texture from the selected face to the target, treating the faces as one. Shift+Leftclick will select the entire brush. Shift+Rightclick will apply a texture to an entire brush.
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    I didn't realise there were so many hidden key combinations when I started using hammer...

    So in the face edit sheet...

    Shift+RMB Textures the whole brush
    Alt+RMB Textures the face treating it as one with the one selected
    Ctl+RMB Copies the texture from the selected face?

    are there any more?

    Also... the textures with a red/blue bottom half, and concrete top half; when using with the corresponding whole concrete texture (to put above if using a large wall) is there a way of easily aligning the textures nicely? It's more obvious when using the concrete block red/blue textures.
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  7. Bonafide

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    valve use some HL2 textures when mapping TF2 so saying limit yourself to TF2 textures is not a good idea. You just have to be selective and decide what fits with the style of TF2.
  8. Skwii

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    Do they? I don't think so...

    Never seen hl2 textures in tf2 official maps (Is it just me?). Of course hl2 textures can be found in some custom maps, but I think there was a part in tf2's official mapdevelopment wiki that mixing content with other games will not have good results since, for example the ones who do not own hl2 will not see those textures and only have errors around the map. Some do not want hl2. They want only tf and we should make the maps tf -ish. Of course (totally) custom content in that matter is a different and a refreshing thing :)
  9. Open Blade

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    What about texturing at angles? For example, I have a metal beam that angles and when I apply a "metal beam" texture (like the one that has rivots) it doesn't line up right. I try and rotate it and it comes close but one side will be off slightly. I know it can be done, I have seen other beams with same textures at angles and those match up just right.
  10. Backslash

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    From what I understand about the SDK, HL2 content(textures, props, etc.) is included with the core source games, which includes TF2. You just run into problems when using content from other core games. eg. DOD models in TF2. Just my understanding...