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PL Mine Map a13 mid14

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May 5, 2018
Mine Map - An underground mine.

This is a small Mine Themed Map i've been working on since yesterday.

Known Issues (as of Version Alpha 10):
-Too dark lighting
-Third and second controlpoint are either too easy too attack or too easy to defend
-No Flank routes for Scouts

Outside of BLUs First Spawn:
View attachment 77514
Behind BLUs Spawn
View attachment 77515

The (soon to be) Elevator Shaft Leading to a brige above the Track:
View attachment 77516

The second controlpoint (front) and the third controlpoint (back) with the first RED (after third Point, BLUs second) Spawn
View attachment 77517

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May 5, 2018
Re-compiled with higher lightmap scale and final HDR compile preset.


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Jul 30, 2014
Hey there! Me and @chin recently played your map and gave some feedback. The quality isn't great, and you can bairly hear me, but you may find it useful still.


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May 5, 2018
Thanks mate for the Video and your Feedback! Just today I finished the new Version of the map! I hope you're excited for it!
There have been a lotta changes! A huge update!

(small gif comparing a11 - mid 10 with a12 - mid 12)
v10 - mid 10 VS v12 - mid 12.gif
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May 5, 2018
Holy Mother of Mackerel.

This took a long time to make!
But the effort was worth it!

Thanks to your Feedback on the Server, I was able to fix so many Major issues. Some of which I already knew of. Others not.

So thanks for helping me make this map one step closer to done!

A Special thanks to erk and 14bit for going though everything and testing the map with me and all of you!

Color Meanings:
Fixed/Changed - Blue
Added - Green
Removed - Red

Now let's get to the actual Update:
  • Fixed the Issue where you could Spam Stickies over the Viewing-Fence over to BLU Spawn
  • Made all Lanterns 'Not Solid', so People don't get stuck on them anymore
  • Fixed the getting stuck on the Dropdown Door Issue
  • More or less fixed the too high up path_track entities (the cart doesn't hover over the ground as much now)
  • Fixed the height of some walls so heavy can no longer just shoot over them without conflict
  • Removed a couple lights from the BLU upper area, so it doesn't get too bright
  • Extended the end of the Map a bit (map's larger yay)
  • Changed the last Point completely so it's less easy to Spam it
  • Fixed the HDR lighting issues/made some lights less bright so they don't burn holes in your retinas
  • Made the Map less Flat towards the beginning and end
  • The Points are no longer visible from eachother. (fixed the sightlines a bit)
  • Added Patches to where Health and Ammo respawn
  • Added at least two more routes, one of which is pretty damn huge
  • Added some Displacement Maps to make the Floating Bridge Supports, not float
  • Added way more Ammo to the Mix! / Replaced some small ammo with medium Ammo!
  • Added a small Building with an Ammo pack and some defence for RED (looks kinda simular to the one on Upward)
  • Added a small Background Track to make it feel more alive/more like a mine

Known Issues / Future Plans:

-Make the lighting less flat
-Making the Points more evenly spaced apart
Making the lights slightly different Colors, so that the lighting doesn't seem too flat
-Making the first RED Spawn locked after the second Point is capped and opened when BLU caps the third Point, so it can be used by BLU
Adding Windows to BLU Spawn for BLU to look out of
-Adding more Displacements and replacing all dev-texture

Whew. That was quite a lot! Now onwards to some Images showing of the new Version!

Top-Down Map of Mine Map A12 - Mid 12

First BLU Spawn - Still a bit bland

The left Door of BLUs first spawn

The Back Area leading up to the viewing window

Viewing Window Plattform, now with rails and a wall to cover up the light, so you can see the opponents outside better

Outside of BLUs Spawn

Ontop of the first Hill

New Area (left) and small Bridge Cave (right)

New Area (towards bridge)

New Area (away from Bridge)

Bridge Cavern with entrance to the first New Area

Entrance from Bridge to first New Area

Displacement Mapped Walls (Route leading to Bridge) (this is just a test for Displacements)

Other side of this Route

Alternate Route (left) and slope leading up to the Second Control Point (middle)

Alternate Route (bottom)

Alternate Route (top)

Second Control Point

Second New Area (left) and Usual Route (right)

Stairs leading down into the second New Area with a Medium Ammopack (here covered by Stairs)

Entrance to the second New Area!

Second New Area!

Second New Area (right) and Exit over to an area near RED Spawn (left)

Drop Down Entrance with Medium Ammopack

Viewing Fence from RED to BLU-Side

The Third Control Point

Background Area (left) and new small Building (middle)

New small Building from behind (left) and Slope Leading to the Drop Down (right)

Drop Down Area and RED Spawn (middle) and Entrance to the second New Area (bottom, right)

Drop Down Area (the cart automatically rolls forward when it goes over the downward part of this part of the rail)

Look down the Drop Down Hole (second New Area visible)

Inside RED Spawn

As a Bonus: Top-Down comparison between A11 - Mid 10 and A12 - Mid 12

v10 - mid 10 VS v12 - mid 12.gif

(this entire update post took 3 hours to make)

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May 5, 2018
Bigger, better and more of it!

This Update includes:
  • Fixed the Issue in which the Cart would get stuck on the first slope downwards at BLU Spawn (i moved the path_track a bit farther away from the edge) [strangely enought this issue didn't occur while testing]
  • Made the Minecart in the alternative Route, by the second Control Point solid
  • Changed the Skybox to sky_hydro_01
  • Adjusted and added a lot of playerclip brushes to reduce the number of Players getting stuck on props
  • Redid the entire track because of a small bug that prevented the cart to stop at a Point (i am not exaggerating here: this took 5 hours to fix, thanks to @DrSquishy and @Sntr for trying to assist me)
  • Added 3 Medium and one Small Ammopack. (One behind the Grid on the Drop Down, one in the lower area under RED Spawn, one behind the Crates after the first slope downward and the small one in the wooden hallway by BLU Spawn )
  • Added a small healthkit behind the Crates after the first slope downward
  • Added a third Exit for BLU in the upper area which directly leads into the wooden hallway
  • Added a couple lights to some dark Areas
  • Added a PlayerClip to the Roof of REDs last Respawn
  • Added a couple more lights to make some Areas less dark
  • Added a small window to BLU Spawn

And other small improvements and fixes that I forgot to mention -w-

Known Issues / Future Plans:
  • Add more Verticality
  • Add at least one more route
  • Distribute the Points a bit more evenly
  • Distribute the Healh and Ammopacks a bit more evenly
  • Make both RED and BLU have equal chances at winning
  • Optimize the Map
  • Giving it a proper Name

Some Images:

Upper Area of BLU Spawn, now with the new exit
hl2 2018-05-12 03-34-51-02.png

The Wooden Hallway has been widened
hl2 2018-05-12 03-34-43-66.png

Slightly adjusted lighting and prop positioning
hl2 2018-05-12 03-34-35-25.png

Smoother lighting and overall better Atmosphere
hl2 2018-05-12 03-35-10-58.png

The small Building with some more lights pointing towards it
hl2 2018-05-12 03-35-47-64.png

The Area below RED Spawn houses on of the new Medium Ammopacks
hl2 2018-05-12 03-35-32-65.png

The Drop Down Area.
hl2 2018-05-12 03-35-41-70.png

That's it for now
Have a neat day!

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May 5, 2018
This update includes:
  • Slight optimization
  • Adjusted the light_enviroment
  • Adjusted the timer to make the map a bit more fair
  • Extended the Wooden Hallway by a lot
  • Slightly adjusted the pitch of the light Pointing at the cart prop near BLUs first Spawn
  • Replaced all the Patch Decals with overlays
  • Fixed the bug where the TrapDoor Flank Door wouldn't open if too many People went inside of it together
  • Added like 2 or 3 Ammo- and or Healthpacks (i don't quite remember)
  • Changed the textures of the Wooden Hallway to be concrete (t thought it fit a bit better to BLU)
  • Added a Door at the end of the Wooden Hallway which leads into the alternate path leading to the second Point
  • Moved the wall of the Trapdoor Flank near the third Point a bit to reduce the huge sniper sightline (and to optimize the map a bit too)
  • Added more lights​
And maybe some other stuff I forgot about!
Have some Images!

BLUs First Spawn, Upper Area
hl2 2018-05-13 00-17-52-35.png

Outside of the Upper Area Exit
hl2 2018-05-13 00-18-00-29.png

Extended Part of the Wooden Hallway (left), Shortcut to Bridge (middle)
hl2 2018-05-13 00-18-07-66.png

Outside of the Extended Wooden Hallway
hl2 2018-05-13 00-18-23-29.png

End of the Extended Wooden Hallway with a Door leading to the Second Point Flank (the door can be opened from either side)
hl2 2018-05-13 00-18-13-98.png

Slightly adjusted lighting near the small building
hl2 2018-05-13 00-18-54-53.png

A new Medipack near the DropDown Area
hl2 2018-05-13 00-18-47-74.png

Top Down Photo of A12 - Mid 15

Map of A12 - Mid 15 with names and markings

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May 5, 2018
This update includes:
  • Bigger Drop Down Area
  • Small Nesting Spot
  • More lights!
  • Added a blocking wall and a small rising path between second and third Point
  • Added another RED Spawn in the Lower Area
  • Added another test displacement :D
  • Added proper 24 Player Support!
  • Removed a fence
  • Removed the Trapdoor Flank entirely since People always got stuck in it (and it wasn't really useful anyways)
  • Probably other stuff I forgot about
Have fun!

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May 5, 2018
A lot of tweaks and fixes in this one!

This update includes:

  • Added a lotta signs so RED knows where to go
  • Added a Window in BLUs first spawn to Showcase a Small part of the mine behind them
  • Added a new way to get up to the Full-Healthkit and Full-Ammopack on the Plattform near REDs First Spawn
  • Some minor Optimization
  • Fixed a multitude of Bugs
  • Made RED unable to enter REDs first Spawn when the first Point is capped
  • Changed the Respawn time after the third Point is capped from 20 to somewhere around 10 seconds for BLU
  • Changed the distance of the second Point a bit (all Points are evenly spaced now!)
  • Tweaked the lighting a bit
  • Fixed the issue where BLU could enter the lower RED Spawn
  • Made the Floor of the Drop´-Down Bottom Black (so People know it's a death pit)
  • Disabled Shadows for (i think) all Rails
  • Fixed the issue where you could shoot through the crates near BLU Spawn
  • Made the Door (leading to the Flank) by the end of the Wooden Hallway not usable by BLU until the first Point is capped (RED can use the Door anytime)
Happy Testing!

(Also i'm using CompilePal for the Final Compile now)

Some Images:

Top Down Map of Mine Map Alpha 13 - Mid 11

The Window behind BLU Spawn, showing part of the Mine

The door that opens up for BLU as well after the first Point is captured

The new open ceiling by the First RED Spawn Flank

Second Point with a new way up to the top of that plattform


Inside the Small Shaft

On top of the plattform

Third Point

RED Spawn at Drop-Down with new Skylight!

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May 5, 2018
This will probably be the last update of this iteration of the map.
I had a good idea but made it way too Small.

I'm gonna reboot the map! From Scratch while using the Feedback I got from this Version to improve the new Version i'm gonna try to work on for the next couple of weeks!

Let's hope this will turn out better!

This Small, probably last update includes:

  • Made the Mineshaft Supports unsolid



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