meme tower but its underwater

PLR meme tower but its underwater 2018-10-02


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Oct 27, 2016

in the year 2018 the badlands has been swept into a new age
now called the bad waters many have fled inland to occupies new territory that are away from the approaching threat of the ocean.
from this Apocalypse high_tower has become a sanctuary for 2 types of pyro sharks and 4 new species.

the surface level pyroshark desperately trys to cling into the last remaining parts of land they can find,however they are often bombarded by uv-rays caused by an awful person making awful meme maps.thus they are the least common pyro shark

the abysall pyro shark lurks in the depths only coming out to breath,the are hardy ambush predators making advantage of these ruins to catch anyone and anything off said that seeing one in the distance means another is right behind you.

the sleeper shark is not a pyroshark but instead a sub-species of sniper that has adapted to hold their breaths for extremely long periods of time, oh tho they can't see far into the abyss they can be very vilgilant and will use their long rifles to space out their natural predators the abysall pyro.

the sea turtle is a type of texan that holds out around dispensers going out only for air.the rely on sentry's to defend themselves. it should be noted that many creatures gather around these peaceful reptiles to feed on their dispensers in these harsh oceans.

finally the hoovmarine and archos live togiver in harmony sharing food and the ability to breath underwater.they are extremely dangerous and should be avoided