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Mega Fort (working title) WIP

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by bouncy_ninja, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. bouncy_ninja

    bouncy_ninja L1: Registered

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    WIP KotH (+others later) Symmetrical (Rotated 180)

    Started a long time ago on pc which is now far away... errr.

    The working title "mega fort" is been use as this - as time has gone on was based on more of a TFC style then TF2, Like 2fort and the orignal well it has evolved but will stay some what ture to TFC.

    This Map is going to be released as a larger CTF later but for now i need to focus one the center arena to make sure it plays well as well as finishing the pesky arts pass (takes me forever)

    map overview


    Current style is the wild west, but i could switch to say snow? any comment?

    I should have a alpha up by the 24th if not sooner

    the CTF map is near double the size (maybe too big)
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  2. The Political Gamer

    aa The Political Gamer

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    Could you at least give us some hammer screen shots?

    EDIT: env_cubemaps please!
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  3. Seba

    aa Seba DR. BIG FUCKER, PHD

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    KOOBMAPZ. And when you're taking screenshots, turn off 'draw viewmodels' and type 'cl_drawhud 0' in the console.
  4. absurdistof

    aa absurdistof

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    Also, if you don't know enter this in the console for reflections

    mat_specular 0 (there will be a bit of a freeze)

    then create a server with another map, once its loaded come back to your own map and enter:

    mat_specular 1

    And that will give you reflections though I get the feeling I missed something..
  5. Altaco

    Altaco L7: Fancy Member

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    Placing env_cubemap entities in the first place! They should go about at player head level in each area that looks different from the ones around it.
  6. Shoomonger

    Shoomonger L4: Comfortable Member

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    Why's the top of the buildings cut off? Is that the screen shot or the map it's self?
  7. Artesia

    Artesia L6: Sharp Member

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    he's probably planning to do the height of the building in the 3d skybox
  8. bouncy_ninja

    bouncy_ninja L1: Registered

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    as it said "soon" 20 mins later it was done and then you say:

    you had to start the cube map thing? I find cubemaps are best left to last BUT since everyone around here is cubemap crazy i've put them in early - But you'll have to WAIT untill a recomiple for a screen shot.


    Now back to my first post -
    so is there any real comments?
    Now don't tell what still needs to be do IE decals. I know this.
    Tell what looks say wrong with what i have done SO FAR.
    IE in the screen shot(which I'll add more) I would have thought some would have said: "hey those snipers nests look a little to open - gives the sniper to good a veiw" - which is now fixed too, but thats the comments I'm looking for,

    I've spent nearly half my life(24yo) working in worldcarft OR hammer as we know it now, with appx 600 hours on this map alone - not say i'm uber - but please reframe for telling me something i don't already know. Thanks for trying to help tho.
  9. Delusibeta

    Delusibeta L3: Member

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    Frankly, judgement reserved untill I get to play on it on the server. Although I think that changing from desert to snow at this point (when there's quite a lot of props) would be a bit of a waste of time.
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