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    Ok, I have a bit of an odd problem with hammer, or not...
    Anyways. I had permission to edit a map off the workshop.
    I added a few things, and went to compile it, and got the Max_map_brushsides error.
    I had a suspicion and tried to recompile the original map. I got the same error when trying to recompile the map.
    So my question is, how did the original map owner compile the map passed the "max map brushsides" while I can't?

    any ideas?

    Here's a picture of the map, I know i've seen bigger :/

    He's the compile log aswell:
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    I think the problem might be caused by the fact you seem to be storing your VMF inside your cstrike/maps dir.

    reading d:\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps\rp_defconprison_v3.bsp
    Error opening d:\steam\steamapps\common\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps\rp_defconprison_v3.bsp
    During compile, the data is progressively saved to a BSP file that lives in the same directory as the VMF. This BSP is also used for future compiles. When the compile is done, the completed BSP is copied to your game's maps folder. I have had problems with VBSP not being able to read the local BSP in the past, and I believe the error messages were the same as the above.

    Try moving every non-BSP file from your cstrike/maps dir somewhere else, like a folder in My Documents. Load the VMF in question from that location and try a compile. For each VMF you would normally also find a .bsp, .vmx, .prt, and a .log file of the same filename.
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    Of course, the bsp, log and prt are generated files that can be safely discarded. And the vmx is just an automatic backup of your map source file.
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