Mapping for zf: the basics.

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    With the recent contest, the GFL has had a flood of new mappers. Well, about two. That's a lot, right? Well, anyway, I thought I'd cover the basics for people who are new to mapping for zf. My apologies if some of this seems basic to you guys, but it helps to know how the plugin works, and I had to cater to all abilities with this tutorial.

    First off:
    Making red team win if the time runs out.
    The classic zf gamemode is just red have to survive. If they make it to the end of the round, they win. If they're all killed, the plugin makes blue team win. However, us mappers need to make sure reds win when the time runs out.
    You're going to want to make a team_round_timer, and a game_round_win. Set them up as so:

    Now that we've sorted out the entities, we stil need to tell the game_round_win to make red team win, when the timer runs out. Double click on the team_round_timer, and click on the outputs tab.
    And we're done!
    NB: If you're mapping for a custom game mode where reds have to do an objective, make the blue team win at the end of the round, and make the red team win when they finish their goal. You're going to need two game_round_win s for this though.

    Next up:
    Not letting reds change class during the round.
    Letting the red team change class would also bring them straight back to full health. We can't be having that, so we have to get rid of the func_respawnroom. First, make one...
    Then, double click on the team_round_timer and go to outputs again.
    It has to be Kill, not Disable, otherwise engineers can't build there.

    Well, there you have it. You've got the knowledge, go make some lovely maps for us!
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