mapping bugs

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so i'm making a map with a domination gamemode. basically both teams have a control point and when red for example captrues both control points and the red timer goes down to zero. but there are 2 problems with this. first when for example blue timer is at zero and red starts to capture the point at their base then the announcher will start spamming 'overtime' and stops when one team wins or when red capture both control points so their timer goes down. second problem is something that i can't say much about but sometimes you just can't beat the map. a timer would stay at zero for example red. and the announcher won't say anything and red won't win. but if the blu timer is at zero also nothing happends at it just becomes a deathmatch map where nobody can win.


MvM Maniac
Apr 5, 2017
For your first problem, see this post: (that's likely the answer - you left some other timer running active when one of the timers ran down to 0)

For your second problem: Not sure why this happens, will let another mapper take a crack at answering that (I'm not a mapper). I would fix the first one and see if by some chance it fixes the second one.