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Discussion in 'Portal 2' started by Ravidge, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Sorry I don't have a demo, I think I messed something up, I'll look it up later, but I do have some thoughts on the maps. The first chamber I struggled with a lot. Eventually I found the markings on the ground denoting that two portals were eventually supposed to be there, but I think they could be made a lot more prominent. I don't think I've encountered angled surfaces used for momentum in the main games, only for flinging onto ledges, so that might have contributed to the confusion.

    In chamber 2, the only thing of note is that after I got the cube onto the button I thought I had finished it, and didn't realize I needed to fling myself into the faith plate again. Consequently I messed up and had to get back up to the top to try it all again. Nothing too major.

    The third chamber seemed pretty straightforward and similar to something that might be in the main game. I didn't have any trouble with it. Hope this feedback helps.