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    Hi folks, I was wondering if I could get some tips regarding the early mapping stages -- more specifically: What is a good size block to use as the ground for a standard CTF map and what are some room size suggestions? Ex. What size would you use to achieve a middle-of-the-map-chaos-chamber. What's the maximum size room you'd venture to allow on your map and when is a room too cramped for combat?

    I'm hoping for a decent ballpark estimate because it's a little tough blocking out a rough version when I have to constantly test play to assure myself that the rooms are proper sizes (I still can't be too sure without a couple people running around to try it out)

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!:)
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    I don't think you'll receive many responses here because the question is too general. A size of an area that works for one map may not work for another, and different sizes make for different experiences. You're best bet is to check out some of Valve's decompiled maps found HERE and use those as examples.

    There really is no set unit size for a good room, plus a lot of gameflow is dependent on props and verticality (upper and lower levels, such as ledges and balconies.
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    It's a rough thing to find out a good size, but there are a few numbers you want to keep in mind.

    How long would it take a scout to get through it? A scout needs to be able to beeline through it to a degree in a short amount of time, but not with in 2 seconds. A scout moves at 400 hammer units/second, so a size>1200 units is a minimum basically.

    How long would it take a heavy to get through it? A heavy needs to be able to get across in a decent bit of time, but not over the top. A heavy doesn't want to spend 20 seconds getting across a battlefield after all. A heavy moves at around 230 hammer units/second, so you want to keep it <3000 normally.

    A good middle number between the two is 2048, so let's just say that. 5 seconds as a scout, 9 as a heavy. Seems about right. Anyways, let's take into account one more thing:

    Sentry guns: A sentry has a range of 1024 hammer units. If you were to place one in a prime sentry spot in the area, would it hit too much and be indestructable? If so, the area is too small. Does it have blatantly obvious areas that it can be hit by very simply, area is too big. Balance it out and you have yourself a nice figure.
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