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    How do i make sure that an area's HU feel "fit" ? Because it seems that when i make an area say 512 HU, it looks big in Hammer, but when i open the map ingame it feels way too small, so i make the area bigger in Hammer, but now it feels too big, so i adjust it again ad nauseum.
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    3 things you can do:

    - Open decompiled valve maps in hammer and see how big areas in official maps are.

    - Read this article on scale by grazr:

    - Submit your map for testing and see if people complain about areas being too open or too cramped, then adjust the scale based off of feedback.
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    Everything Shogun said is good advice.

    I would also add that it never hurts to drop an info_player_teamspawn, payload cart prop, or control point prop into hammer for a quick reference. I place temporary teamspawns all the time whenever I'm constructing a new area or object to make sure that its scale doesn't look crazy.
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    I use the Heavy player model. If you leave it as a prop_static they don't compile so you don't have to remove or hide them. I put the fade distance at 1024 or whatever a sentry range is so I can judge that also. Helps a lot.