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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by absurdistof, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Many idle maps and many orange maps have sprung up in the last month. Pretty much all of them have been greeted without welcome. Could we please have a sticky in the map database for orange maps as well as idle maps that goes somewhere along the lines of valve map modifications so that the mappers know what to expect?

    Especially in maps like the recent green/rainbow map or some of the several idle maps that have come out(Icyeyes not included. That map is brilliant :O), the mappers have received a lot of flame or harsh criticism (rational flame) and have reacted to this. In some cases, enough to get them banned. I think that a sticky just giving a heads up to those who don't already know what sort of reaction they should anticipate would be helpful.
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    How about a subpart for those maps (or some other way of marking those maps)? There are allways a few people that respect those maps. And if its a seperate part the ones that arent interested in those maps can simply dont take a look there. The lack of effort rule should still be applied there.