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    Hello TF2 worldbuilders! I am VoxBombarde, animator extrodinare, and I've visited TF2Maps because I need a TF2 world built.
    If you're unfamiliar with my work, go run around my youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/voxbombarde but thats not why I'm here.
    Now before I start I need to make it clear that this map isn't meant for TF2, but Source Filmmaker.(I hope that's not against the rules)

    Project overview:

    I need a Hollywood themed map that looks like a studio lot from the golden age of cinema(30's / 40's) to be used for my channel trailer and whatever else I can come up with.
    One perk is that I've already got a map started that gives you an idea of what I'm after - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YX_dOPdCcU4I
    but I'm not a mapper and I want to make use of the MVM update stuff. (The original map was made before Mannhattan)

    Project specifics:
    • The map is meant to be a large and spacious outdoor setting in a city (not usually something source does well)
    • Its basically a giant set piece so most buildings won't have interiors.
    • HDR is necessary.
    • As its not meant for gameplay there's no reason to have any TF gamerules in place.
    • Because its meant for SFM I'm pulling assets from other games, I'll discuss with the mapper how to get said stuff to them.
    • I have a lot of reference to draw from, so if this breakdown isn't clear enough I have more.
    • I'll pay the mapper for it.

    • I will negotiate with the mapper about the fee(whether it be money/games/TF2 junk), but know this if you're expensive then you had better have a good pedigree."you're basically naming your price"

    Style Reference:
    "Look at how the buildings are drawn in these clips, that's how I want this map to be constructed, more detailed stuff like layout and schematics will be discussed with the mapper"

    - Cats don't Dance - Danny's Arrival song.

    - Animaniacs - Babblin' Bijou

    Pics of the map as it stands now:
    The main gate - http://a.pomf.se/pcnrqx.jpg
    A soundstage - http://a.pomf.se/mtkheg.jpg
    (really wide angle shot) Main office building - http://a.pomf.se/fjaaup.jpg
    Some road - http://a.pomf.se/jkdkeq.jpg
    A security booth - http://a.pomf.se/veogbt.jpg
    Office building entrance - http://a.pomf.se/zhlall.jpg

    Musical Reference "if you need it":
    "This music should encompass the FEEL of the map. i.e. the way you would describe the music should also be able to describe the map"

    - Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times

    - Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator

    - Gottfried Huppertz - Metropolis Theme

    Contacting me:

    add me on steam or PM me here and give me your portfolio (or a list of maps you've made or helped make) and we'll chat.

    Thanks for reading my book of a post and I hope its clear enough.
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    Other people making requests should note that this is how to make requests. Well done.

    'Fraid I'm not too interested in your map, but I have to say that if it's something that you're really only going to use once and it doesn't have any functionality, why not make the majority of it with scenebuilding in sfm? I've got no idea how that works, but surely in your hands it'll be a lot more useful than created by a mapper. Just get the basic brushwork done, as you have from your pictures, and then populate it with props as you wish.
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    I am slightly interested in this, though I am still a novice mapper to seriously complete your requirements. I may be able add some stuff, I once tried making a map based off of late 40s LA. The map looks good so far.