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Looking for playtesting on new map.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by PhonicUK, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. PhonicUK

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    Hey all!

    While my first TF2 map, it's not my first ever map. So I'm very excited to introduce it to everyone.

    It's semi-polished (Lacking detail but basically done) and I'm after some playtesting to see what needs changing and tweaking before I start adding detail to it.

    Its a CTF map, and its been designed to balance each of the classes against one another to provoke exciting pitched battles.

    You can find the map here. It's called ctf_familiar_one.

    Screenshots are also available once they have been moderated.

    The idea was to build a map that was fun to play. Not so much polished and good looking, but fun.

    If you are interested in helping playtest this, please let me know. I'd love to join a few sessions and get some in-game feedback from people.

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  3. tok_vaal

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    Your map is now installed on the BETA TESTING FACILITY
    24 players : San Jose, CA, USA : : Beetlemod : MOTD

    I'm always looking for a "fun" map! I'm on my way in to check it out, as soon as the files are finished uploading. I'll grab a couple of screenshots while I'm in there, to update the banner.

    Feel free to bring some friends and do some play-testing, it can be easily loaded at any time by saying "votemap ctf_familiar_one". If you let me know a date you want to do some testing, I"ll make it the only map in the rotation for that one day, so you don't have to keep voting it in to replay it.
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