Lo-fi's Unashamedly Nepotism Fuelled Birthday Gameday (with prizes!)

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Lo-fi Longcat

Clown-Goblin Hybrid Resides In Local Sewers
Jul 23, 2016
Da Game Day.png

Hello everyone!
As all of you should already be aware (if you don't then we'll have words later) it is my birthday on the 19th of February! That's this month!
To celebrate, I will be hosting a particularly long EU gameday comprised entirely of my friends maps because I like playing them. It's my birthday I can do what I want.
I will be starting the festivities at 1pm Scotland time (I am not converting this for you, do it yourself)!

That's not all, though!
For my birthday I have set myself the goal of acquiring all 3 of the special "daily" hats that TF2 gives out for duel wins, map stamps, and gifts.
Did you read that last word correctly? That's correct! Gifts! And not just for me, even though it's my birthday, either! (How charitable am I, right?)
EVERY time I die during the events of the game day I will be using a secret saxton to gift a random player on the server with an item drop.
I'll probably end up giving more out later on because I bought a BUNCH of saxtons and I worry that none of you are good enough to kill me enough times to use up my full stockpile.

To summarise:
For my birthday on the 19th of february at 1pm Scotland time I will be hosting a long EU server game day comprised entirely of my friend's maps.
Every time I die on this game day, no matter what killed me (except admin abuse, sono) I will be gifting a random player on the server an item drop.

Are you intrigued? Come join me and wish me a happy birthday! Attendance is mandatory if you're not a cringe little beastoid.

The Maplist by the way, in no particular order:
  • cp_hardwood_b4
  • ctf_giants_rc3
  • plr_snowthistle_b5
  • koth_bagel_rc6
  • koth_shorelight_rc5
  • arena_rivet_rc2a
  • arena_tinyrock_final
  • ctf_nuclide_rc8d
  • cp_snowbase_b20
  • koth_databank_rc3
  • koth_empire_b3
  • koth_sarexicus_mc19_a3
  • pl_scrunkly_a1
  • cp_caldera_rc2
  • cp_reckoner_rc6
  • cp_kaelir_a13

Special thanks to @pont for drawing me getting the secret saxtons Pummelled out of me, ur epic friend.


L6: Sharp Member
Feb 25, 2019
Once I thought it would be cool playing all my finished maps for my birthday... then i realised i wasnt a donator, and that we would only be playing seashore over and over, so i stopped thinking.


Dude, where's my free time?
Mar 15, 2015
Timezones, ping and work doesn't permit for me but hope the day goes great. Will you drop a half dozen saxtons or something if someone gets a domination on you?

Lo-fi Longcat

Clown-Goblin Hybrid Resides In Local Sewers
Jul 23, 2016

a huge THANK YOU everyone who joined and showed up to the game day!

While I was not able to get all 3 daily hats in one day, I was however able to get two of the three.
Apparently 500 duel wins was not enough. Next year I'll be making another attempt, so catch you all next year for another Lo-fi birthday gameday!

Thanks once again to everyone who showed up and had a blast, and an extra special thank you to all my friends whose maps I featured.

Until next year!