KotH KoTH_WiP a1

KingOfTheHill Construction Site

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    KoTH_WiP - KingOfTheHill Construction Site

    This Is my map KoTH _WiP. Its is a modern Construction Site. Its quite fast paced and has 3 routes to mid.

    Mid From Blu Side

    Different Angle From Blu

    Different Angle Neutral

    Right Hand Side Building Blu

    Right Hand Side Blu Different Angle

    Blu Courtyard

    Blu Spawn

    Left Hand Side Blu

    Left Side Different Angle

    Right Side Red

    Right Red Different Angle

    Red Courtyard

    Red Courtyard Different Angle

    Red Spawn

    Blu Courtyard Different Angle
  2. Viperi

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    It's good that you took screenshots... But you forgot the overhead shot.
  3. Crowbar

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    There is one in the overview.
  4. Nighttime71

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    I was able to compress your map by 80%!
    Anyway here comes the real feedback:

    You did not pack your custom content correctly. Here is a tutorial on how to properly pack your map. If you want to make certain that you packed correctly then use sv_pure 2 and load your map. You should see your map like how everyone else will.

    I noticed in your spawnroom that there were errors and a "random" open hole.

    But as it turns out...

    There is! Honestly I don't understand why you don't just use simple brushes for this instead. It will be 10x less of a pain in the ass.

    There are other places like this as well like...

    And a random playerclip cube

    Also I was able to go inside this crate, use blockbullets and create a makeshift collision box.

    Hope I helped.