KotH koth_superstition a2

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Da Living Bagel

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Jan 22, 2017
koth_superstition - Spooky Scary Scream Fortress

A symmetrical Halloween-themed KotH map designed for Scream Fortress. This first version is just for testing the layout, future iterations of the map will have a spooky surprise.



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Nov 5, 2016
Hey, I love the little details you've put in here, they look great already! The layout is also pretty nice and simple.

Here's some feedback:

-Generally, I think you should distinguish team sides a little more. I found I could get disoriented relative to which side I was on.
-Also, spawn is extremely close to mid, making it feel very small, and meaning that there's a bit of wasted space either side of the spawnrooms. I'd make the spawnrooms less cramped, move them out from the middle of the map a bit, and try to get rid of that dead space.
-A lot of the interior spaces feel quite narrow.


-The rocks do a good job of making the point look grand, and also block sight nicely. I'd recommend either moving them to the edge of the platform so that Scouts can't dance around it so easily, or adding a platform around the edge.


The point's capture zone is tiny. Way too small. Maps tend to extend the capture zones to the entirety of any small platforms they're on. I'd make it stretch to touch both rocks, and a bit wider, as otherwise teams will have to cluster inside one another to capture.


Having these sets of health/ammo close together feels weird. In general, KOTH maps tend to have more health/ammo further back to make players retreat and pull out of battle. I'd recommend making the further packs larger and moving the smaller ones further forwards. Maybe even move the furthest one forwards in some way, because it's already pretty close to spawn, which only makes it more useful for spawncampers to utilize.

Speaking of which, I think you should make the spawn windows one-way, because as it is you can see right into them.

-Good job with the smoothing clipping! However here are some problems:

-Minor, but you can walk onto the step from the side, should probably be clipped. The pillars either side of the door also make it quite cramped. Maybe move the porch out or remove the pillars.


-Pretty major. Yeah. You can jump on the Asteroid light and escape from the map.

Same thing on the other side! (You can fall off the edge on both sides)


These lowered chunks in the clipping brushes can be stood on. A sticky-jumping Demoman or good Soldier could easily jump up here.


-Minor, but the blockbullets (I assume) brush cuts off at the bottom step. Extend it all the way to the bottom, and then add corner bits so players don't jolt up if they approach from the side.


-It's a minor thing for an Alpha version of a map, but long stretches of stairs like these should definitely be clipped. I couldn't jump on them properly whatsoever.


-This corner at the end is essentially useless except for setting up Teleporters, maybe. I'd try and wrap it round to another room or something, or add a pack up there to incentivize walking up. Otherwise, cut it out, it'd open the room up a bit more.

Also, the tiny window, though looking cool, is pointless, and also a possible framerate risk for when the map gets detailed, because the metal sheet barriers don't block visibility, meaning players' computers would probably look through the metal sheet, get to the window and render the spawn courtyard, all the way from mid. Maybe fading-out Areaportals would take care of this.

It's looking great already, keep at it!

Da Living Bagel

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Jan 22, 2017

-Added tunnels to help with the sightline problem

-Added pumpkin bombs to help with the camping problem

-Brightened map

-Added Skeleton King after the third capture

-Added more team colors

-Removed some healthpacks

If this map layout passes the TF2maps server testing, I'm going to go straight ahead to detailing + skyboxing because there's not much time left until October.

Read the rest of this update entry...


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Jan 19, 2018

Just a quick thing I noticed about your map, but those unique rock formations at mid are actually see-through! So, if a player presses their face into them; they can get a almost wall hack view of mid without being seen. I didn't see thos being addressed in you changelog. It would be great if you could just add some clipping to prevent that before moving to detailing. Other than that, I hope you reach your October deadline!