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It's raining demoman, allelujah!

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    SaintLouis_a1 - It's raining demoman, allelujah!

    Medieval map. Koth. And ramps for in air fights demoknights!

    This map intent a new approach to Medieval plays by adding two facing ramps for demoknights to fight in air and with a point to defend underneath them. Jumping is mandatory everywhere and may unlock you flank routes to deliver that sweet death by stab or your favorite torture tool.
    The main feel of the map is now set to be 1800's US streets.

    Ground sightlines are blunted; roof sightlines can be countered by flanking and opposite rooftops. A scout can get around all the map without touching ground.

    As it is really early in development and as my first map, every bit of feedback is appreciated.

    Known stuff to fix

    - lighting in spawns
    - Lighting with HDR is too bright
    - fix ramp clipping to go on the roof from spawns
    - haystack on red is jumpable from red spwan (while blu anvil is not from blu spawn)
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    Screenshots are super bright, use a tonemap_controller and a logic_relay to set the bloom so it's not blinding.
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