KotH koth_pillars v1

A koth map based in a Mayan environment

  1. Inky The Moth

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    koth_pillars - A koth map based in a Mayan environment

    A map featuring a Mayan theme with Mayan architecture, featuring many tall structures as well as plenty of pillars for cover. Including 5 unique areas to fight in all of them having plenty of pillars because of course pillars are the best thing.

    This is the first version of this map and will be changed based around how it is received.

    I tried to make this map with many classes in mind in order to try to make every class have a place here. If you feel your class is having problems on this map regardless of what that might be go ahead and say and ill see about adapting it.
  2. Sarcastic_Fantastic

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    Interesting concept, although I feel the pillars are way too close to each other to allow much combat. Pyros would be very strong and Snipers very weak. I can also see a surprise sentry being the cause of a lot of frustration. Perhaps spread them out a bit more, or reduce the number while making them bigger? What you've got so far with the themeing looks good though.