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KotH koth_mining_coal rc2

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Jan 10, 2017
When I took CS all we did was convert numbers to binary. Were you making maps before or did your teacher introduce you to it?


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Jul 29, 2016
So, I've finally got round to reviewing the demo from the play test a while back... And it basically confirmed to me that I'm decent at making nice looking areas, terrible at making fun gameplay spaces, or at least in the eyes of the play testers. As for changes, I think I'll return to this map later. When I'm not having every hour of my day be consumed by school and work.


To-Do List:
  • Widen Tunnels
  • Brighten Map
  • Change Fog Color
  • Reduce Spawn Times
  • Change Hold Time to Three instead of Four
  • Increase Map Size so it's not as cramped
  • Clip tunnel Trusses
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