KotH koth_hotrock a2

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Jul 16, 2015
koth_hotrock - Don't worry, I playerclipped the rocks so you won't get stuck.

Hotrock Basin, so named because the rocks were hot, is home to two competing visitor centers. Turns out they were both secretly hauling in machinery to extract Australium from the vast reserves underneath the central control point. Here's where you come in! Your fight determines the team that will rise, victorious, to claim the priceless Australium. Also because fighting is fun.

The main point is surrounded by two symmetrical buildings, with a unique double balcony that encourages fast-paced combat both on the point and in the stairway room. The train rooms are great for engineer hideouts and as a place to restock on health and ammo. The rest of the map is good for snipers. Seriously, it's basically one giant sight-line. The rocks can only do so much.