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space koth

  1. Narpas

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    koth_gforce - space koth

    A koth map set in space. Made in about 10 hours for the Winter 2017 72 hour contest. It was kind of rushed, so it has a few problems. Most notably:
    1) Has no lighting, so therefore is fullbright
    2) Has not been tested yet, so probably has sucky gameplay
    3) Not very good detailing
    Anyway, have fun!
  2. zahndah

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    Positive Ratings:
    This has a pretty cool layout, and a cool moon theme too. Shame about the lack of light. Just a couple pointers; you should try to avoid slider doors other than at your spawnroom for koth, and generally forcing players to jump to get places isn't a good idea. But i thought more about that second one and thought that maybe on a moon map it could be really cool with lowered gravity. It might not play great like that but it would be really interesting to see.